Guardians of the Dream

The Enduring Legacy of America’s Immigrants



Entrepreneurial Immigrant Spirit is the Heart of the American Dream

Is opportunity still available for those who work hard and play by the rules? Guardians of the Dream offers an inspiring view of our nation’s promise, which for the past two centuries, has been championed by the legion of America’s immigrants.

Paul Hsu, a business leader and entrepreneur who has built several successful companies, counters the negative narratives by recalling his own journey, and those of others, who have found the path to opportunity in a country that is like no other.

Born in Taiwan, Paul Hsu came to the United States as a young man and found a land where anything was possible. He writes inspiringly of his family’s experience. “Our lives were often hard, but we didn’t feel put upon,” says author Paul Hsu. “We didn’t think our struggle was unfair because my wife and I knew that it was only one step along the road. It took some time, but we succeeded. We had a belief that America had great opportunities, and that if we made sacrifices and stayed motivated, we wouldn’t be held back because of class, race, or because we weren’t born here. That is a unique aspect of America’s character.”

Guardians of the Dream makes the case that immigrants are an integral part of the American texture, and as such, are guardians of a lasting legacy. At its heart, America has always

been–and continues to be–an immigrant nation. Hsu, a business owner, engineer, presidential appointee, and above all–proud American–tells stories of those who have fostered the entrepreneurial spirit and achieved great success, thus, enriching the economy and improving our ability to compete in the world. From a newly arrived immigrant with $500 to his name to building a $60 million company, Hsu is an inspiring example of that entrepreneurial immigrant spirit. The book attributes American immigrant dreamers with having the dedication and passion needed to be successful business entrepreneurs, and in turn, they offer a roadmap to success for others.

Hsu advises young people to adhere to the simple but profound values of hard work and self-discipline that have stood the test of time. The uplifting examples of individuals who have overcome great barriers to fulfill their dreams, further provides inspiration for Americans weary of economic or social challenges. “Challenges always existed,” says Hsu. “Yet, we remain a global leader.”

Guardians of the Dream challenges those who fear that America’s greatness is fading by telling an optimistic and insightful story about the remarkable entrepreneurial immigrant spirit of those who make this country great.

Joe Scarborough

Too many grow numb to the remarkable opportunities America affords, but guys like Paul Hsu are uplifting reminders of the great achievements we all can realize when we dare to dream the American Dream.

Joe Scarborough

"Morning Joe" TV and talk radio host

Norman Y. Mineta

Guardians of The Dream is a much needed tribute to the enormous contribution that America’s immigrants have made to the growth and standing of this country as a model for self-realization and individual achievement. A must read for every citizen.

Norman Y. Mineta

former U.S. Secretary of Transportation & Commerce

Ambassador Sichan Siv

In a bold and often touching act of patriotism, Paul Hsu elevates the nation’s consciousness to the extraordinary positive life force that immigrants give our nation, historically and today.

Ambassador Sichan Siv

former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and author of Golden Bones